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     Hi! - Yes, we are a group of real kids. We range in age from 9 to 21. Email us or call and leave us a message. We will call you back on weekends when we are not in school. We are united under a very important mission;  bringing clean water to the millions of people worldwide who do not have access to sanitary drinking water.

     When we traveled to Cambodia 10 years ago on a family trip we witnessed the extreme living conditions there and we knew we wanted to do something to help. the locals who were so kind and joyful, despite their      We have been working for  years on our clean water mission.  To raise money for our projects, we sell items we make by hand, as well as unique products we buy from artisans in Cambodia, like our new Boho Pants. You can be sure that 100% of your purchase or donation goes straight towards our projects. We also travel to Cambodia once a year to personally distribute water filters and oversee the installation of wells, so we know that the money we raise is going directly to the people that need it. It is heartwarming to revisit the families we have already met and see how our charity has benefited so many lives, both young and old.

     To date we've raised over $400,000. We have personally delivered over 3,000 water filters, funded over 20 deep water wells and 4 rainwater catchers, and built 3 houses. We have funded the construction of an 450-student schoolhouse in Sret Village and a second schoolhouse in Beng Village for 480 children.  We have been awarded a Global Grant through Rotary that is transforming an entire village through sustainable farming, livestock, wells, education, and sanitation.

     You can be sure every penny you contribute will go straight to those in desperate need. No donations are spent on airfare and hotels. We don't have any salaries and we are so lucky to have parents that support what we do. Call us and we will answer any questions you have!    

                                                                                            -Emmy, Amelia, Sam, Eloise, Amelia and Maddie

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