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 2014: Sustainable Farming

    In 2013 we worked in Pursat, Cambodia installing wells. It was here that we learned of the small village of Beung Kok that needed help. Like many villages in Cambodia, the people had no way to earn a living and no means to take care of their children. We were aware of the benefits of sustainable farming from our time in Takam, Cambodia.  We created a year long research project where we worked with the villagers to understand their needs. We presented our research to Rotary International, and by early 2014 we were awarded a $55,000 Global Grant to implement farming, sanitation, irrigation, a fish pond, community water wells, education, water filter technology, and the farming of 250 chickens and ducks for the families of Beung Kok.

    The success of the Beung Kok sustainable farm has given the villagers food to eat, vegetables to sell at market, and the ability to store their surplus crops in case of drought.

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