Four Girls for Families

P.O. Box 632

Bellport, NY 11713


    We started our charity seven years ago as a reaction to the heartbreak we felt when seeing the effect of dirty drinking water on families in Cambodia. This propelled us into action and to

date, we have delivered over 3,000 water filters and funded the construction of over 20 large scale water wells.


This mission has led us to help out in other areas:


  • A 2016 Rotary International partnership for deep wells, rain catchers, cultivated farmland and livestock to the community in Pursat, Cambodia.


  • The funding and construction of 3 homes for 3  homelessness families in Takem, Cambodia.


  • Construction of an 480 student schoolhouse which opened its doors on November 8th, 2016. This project was completed in partnership with The British School Corporation and Trailblazers NGO.


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Water Wells