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Water Filters

By the time you finish this sentence, one person will die from drinking unsanitary drinking water. And 90% of those who die will be under five years old.  As horrible as this is, there is a simple solution. 

Through research, we found that for $12.00 US, we can supply a home water filter to families in Cambodia. These filters allow families to filter their drinking water through a special clay pot that is treated with a coating. When water seeps through, 99.99% of the bacteria is killed, leaving the water is safe to drink. The filters are made in Cambodia, so they bring jobs to local people. 

We raise money all year long, and each Spring we travel to Cambodia to deliver water filters to rural villages, making sure every dollar we raise goes straight to the families who need help. We have delivered over 3,000 water filters. That's clean water for 15,000 people!*


*based on statistics for average family size in Cambodia



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